Sunday, August 9, 2009


I'm at work and really bored. I searched for a good hour to find out if Charlaine Harris is going to write anymore about Sean and Layla and came across something on some website don't' even remember what one I looked at so many, but what if Sean and Layla died in the stupid damn explosion at the Pyramid of Giza hotel in Rhodes when the Fellowship of The Sun blew it up...never occurred to me. I love Sean and Layla and she could definitely write some more stories about them they have fans.

Also Sookie and cousin Kari brought up a really good point why doesn't Eric rescue Sookie from the faires in the book it says Bill called him why didn't he come and help I read the books so fast maybe I missed something, but when Sookie asks Eric about it he tells Sookie that she is killing him that its painful to him he didn't rescue her.

Also when the hell are we going to get to see the Eric from the books, I mean the Eric on the show is amazing and still Eric but anytime now he could start showing a tad bit more affection toward Sookie.

Also just because Eric may have had sexual encounters with his maker be it Godric or Abbicus or whatever his name is ...that does not make him gay.. two boys who will remain nameless have told me that Eric looks and or is gay..NO he is not!!!

I am very bored and this shift needs to end I am off tomorrow and excited True Blood is on at 9 I am greatly anticipating this episode..Ok I need to talk about something other than True Blood. Ok I can't think of anything how sad is that.

Ok well for some reason I still have 200 dollars I must have had more money in the bank than I realized. I am quite excited about this. I get paid soon to, and eventually when I make my way to the college I will get 597 dollars..I must start researching phones now..I am getting a new one mine is horrible and a piece of crap. I have had it since last summer that is a long life for a phone of mine.

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