Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hello, well today has been rather slow so far granted its only about 2:30. My dog is having some kind of dilemma that I can't figure out. She is just flat out refusing to go outside at all for me. My Dad can get her to go out, but she will drag around and get out of her collar when I try. Its really frustrating me!

I have an extremely busy work week its not so bad because the money will be pretty nice. I am going to have to pay the 2nd part of my tuition with that check since for some strange reason I got denied financial aid this semester.

So I was researching cabins to rent just for the weekend for a trip that my brother Dad and I want to take, and ofcoures the cheapiest place will only rent them from Monday to Monday during the Summer I am not sure if this is common or what but I was fuming over it. I can't understand how they make enough money. I even e-mailed the lady just to make sure that was acurate and it is, and I called them its 100% fact :(

Well that is all for now nothing to exciting goine on today.


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