Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Vampire Diaries-Recap 14 (Spoiler Alert)

Isobel: Hi, you must be Jenna… I’m Elena’s mother.Elena: Isobel?
It took me forever to watch this weeks episode because I forgot to DVR it, no idea why, just did. I had to actually venture out get an I-Tunes card and purchase it that was a debacle I now own 3 copies of that episode, thats how stupid I am. Anyway, I loved this episode Caroline and Matt, I'm back on board with them, I loved their chemistry this episode, but then Matt wrecked it, I think things will work out for them. I like Katherine, but I'm seriously already sick of her games, she needs to get away from Damon, unless she wants to make some major changes, she is driving me nuts, but I love Damon's reaction to her. I am beyond ready for Aunt Jenna to find out what is going on, its about time. I can honestly say I'm not sad the male witches are dead, but hello foreshadowing its obvious Elijah will be back. Totally shocked to see Isabel, I did not see that coming at all. Also yay for Jeremy and Bonnie!! Side note, why do Stefan, Damon, Jeremy, and Alaric rotate fashions, one week Damon wears the jackets, then Jeremy, then Stefan sometimes its the same army green bomber jacket, hello we noticed. Also one gripe the entire Caroline/Matt thing could have been done more dramatically, we get Caroline is bubbly and happy, but we know her charter has depth, and we know Candace Accola can pull it off, so let her be dramatic. Also I'm still pumped about Klaus showing up soon, April is so near fellow TVD fans. Also I'm an idiot I really have to read these books, Klaus is in them, so I might get spoilers, but I have so many other books to read!!

Jeremy: Come on, Elena’s nowhere in sight. 

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