Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Vampire Diaries-Recap 11 (Spoiler Alert)

Ok so lets take a moment to reflect here, those of us who have heartbreak in our future, Caroline and Stefan... swoon...Even thought you'll never be :(.Alright moving on, Jeremy your back, we missed you, so glad to see him, and don't he and Bonnie looks so cute together? Damon, shower scene *i died*, that was such a sweet opening scene. I love how conflicted he is of late, can't hate the man. Leading me to another topic, John do we trust him? I am on the fence about him. Other untrustworthy men, TYLER! WTF! I loved when Caroline slammed the door in his face, no matter how much I love the dude, he screwed up big time.All the werewolves swarming Mystic Falls made me sad, are all werewolves like that on TVD? I mean they can be good, Shiver? Mercy Thompson??? I hope some turn out to be good, and who the hell was the creeper who kept shooting Caroline, I  hate him, and I really hate Jules, a lot, like a lot a lot. Caroline stole the show, its no secrete I adore her, but I was really happy with this episode, she was seriously fierce. All the stuff Stefan said about her, its true, I just find her so endearing. Side note I really liked Elena's hair up like that it really suited her IMO, and another thing can we get some more Alaric please? My cousin pointed out something today that I thought I'd share. A lot of TV shows drag things out, but TVD usually handles things pretty quickly, wraps stuff up, they really don't string us a long, I like that. So many good Damon quips in this episode too, and I liked Stefan's idea of bringing Bonnie and Elena to stay with Caroline. Also I found myself actually feeling bad for Matt, he gets the shaft A LOT. Lastly I was glad to see Katherine say what you will about her, she keeps it interesting.

Hells yeah, Jeremy & Bonnie :]


I watch for the plot, obviously. 

Oh yeah me too ;] but seriously SWEET LORD

& look at that up there really? REALLY? He's not from this world I think... lol
P.S. Sorry I went crazy with the pictures, there were way too many good ones from this episode.


Jessica (Confessions of a Bookaholic) said...

I think I'm just gonna sit here and stare at that last image for a while...or a few days....

Yummmmmmyyyy Damon!!!

Luv said...

I do not buy Jules interest in Tyler. I think she is up to something,and for Tyler. I use to love him together with Caroline. Tyler and Caroline together almost made me forget what a jerk he was to Viki. But I never suspected that he would turn on a friend like the way he did Caroline. After all she did for him, he could have at least gave her the benefit of a doubt. I hope Damon and Stefan kick his butt.
Speaking of Damon, I just love that shower scene. So thanks for the last picture.

Katy said...

I agree with you so much! Tyler needs to shape up fast, and Jules can't wait for her to mean the end of Damon's fangs! & swoon at the shower scene.

Katy said...