Friday, November 5, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Recap-6

Pure loveliness :) wish it went down like this for real.*Spoilers*Well, I say this every single week, but that was the best TVD episode ever. Can not decide what scene I loved more, the scene with Damon professing his love, the scene when Elena gazes at Damon after he "kills" Elijah, or the scenes with Caroline and Tyler who I am so shipping now. I am shipping Jeremy and Bonnie as well, that single tear coming out of Damon's eye, melted my heart. I watched it before Bones thankfully because Bones made me angry, but I just can't express how great The Vampire Diaries has become, its so good. I never thought it would be this good when I first started watching it. I am still totally behind the Tyler storyline, I'm really invested in it, and the role Caroline will play in helping Tyler cope. I'm still speechless from everything Damon did throughout the entire episode, and I'm still super proud of Bonnie for being so bad-ass. All this stuff with The Originals, has me hooked, I can not wait for next Thursday. I have a feeling its all just going to get better from now on, its awesome.

That tear gets me every time, I love Damon so much :)


Damon: I don’t deserve you. But my brother does. God, I wish you didn’t have to forget this. But you do.
Damon: I don't deserve you, but my brother does, God I wish you didn't have to forget this, but you do. 
Tyler and Caroline throwing down, LOVE


Claire @ YA Bookie Monster said...

I just finished watching this episode and the last scene with Damon was so sad :( And I totally agree with you, I think it really is just going to keep getting better!

Smash Attack! said...

*I am completely over the top loving the Bonnie/Jeremy connection!
*I’m so worried about Bonnie. :(
*I feel really bad for Tyler right now, and I am wondering if he and Caroline are going to find themselves “lonely” together.
*I still love vamp Caroline. Adore.
*Can Ian get any hotter? Geez. The guy is a walking ad for Hottness ‘R Us.
*On that note, is there a contract in this show that says all actors/actresses have to be attractive? It’s like overload city.
*Jeremy is becoming more and more beautiful as the show progresses. I love when he shows emotion. He looks so damn beautiful in those moments.
*It was obvious Elijah was going to kill Trevor. And I knew Elijah wasn’t dead. Isn’t there some rule that you should always cut off a vamp’s head, just in case? Duh.
*That look Damon had after he and Stefan rescued Elena, when she was coming down the stairs. Oh man, my heart sank and tears sprang in my eyes. And worse yet, the end scene. Geez. Did his conscience return or what? What a moment. :/

Cleo said...

The ending of this episode made me want to cry!!! It was so depressing to see the look on Damon's face...

Caitlin said...

Claire-That scene was amazingly sad, it was just hard to to watch you felt so bad, after every episode I'm like "I can't wait for next Thursday"
Smash- Jeremy is developing into a major hottie, I am with you on the Caroline thing, ever sense she became a vampire I like her even more. Plus I think her and Tyler are going to "comfort" each other or something. I am a little scared for Bonnie, her nose bleeding a lot is bothersome. I had a sick feeling Elijah was going to pop back up, super old vampires don't die that easy, I was so giddy when Elena ran down the stairs then Stefan popped up, and I was saddened. I'm just falling for Damon/Ian so hard, in all that mess he picked up her necklace that in itself made my hear soar lol. He's just acting so good but he's still Damon he ripped Macon's heart out, so confused.
Cleo-Agreed! So so sad, I wanted Elena to do something so bad.

LMW said...

Vampire Diaries is one of my FAVORITE shows of all time! I just don't understand how they keep topping themselves each week! And the writing is so high caliber! I keep teeling everyone I would pay to go to the theater and watch it! I'm with you though. I'm all about a Damon/Elena hook-up! Oh, and that single tear....ripped my heart out!! Damon rocks my socks!! Such a GREAT show!!
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