Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Me Gushing Over Chain Reaction Cover

1. I know that picture is HUGE, but don't you dare judge me, look at that masterpiece, Are we sure Van Gough didn't paint it?
2. Fuentes boys are flipping die hard gorgeous specimens am I wrong?
3. This scene better prove true to the Simone Elkeles way, and actually be in Chain Reaction.
4. Also best part, finally its not the Fuentes's fault its the girl who is the bad one!
Everyone now I give you permission to swoon, and squeal hopefully your not at work.

Also go to the Facebook Page to check out further details.... This gem is coming to a bookshelf near you Spring 2011, I know I know..but invading Simone's house to snag her manuscript is not moral.


Faye said...

OMG!!! love Simone!!

Adriana said...

Woah! That's pretty steamy for YA. Chain Reaction sounds so good, I'm glad the girl isn't all goody goody in this one.

Caitlin said...

Faye-Me her
Adriana-It was a nice change I approved of myself

Good Golly Miss Holly said...

Why does that guy look so much like Pete Wentz!

Anonymous said...

Love the cover but I stand by my first response. Wayyy too sexy for a Young Adult book, I expect a ton of parents to light up their torches and grab their pitchforks. I myself really do like it because it is sexy and I'm not a big YA fan so of course this cover, and the fact its by Simone, makes it easier to like. lol.

YA Vampire Books said...

the covers of this series are just as amazing as the books! :)