Thursday, July 8, 2010

Build Your Own Sidekick

Where would all our heroes and MC's be without the best friend, or sidekick if you will. You know that faithful person who balances everything out, sometimes the sidekick turns into the love interest ahem I'm talking to you Simon from The Mortal Instruments. However, sometimes your sidekick starts out as someone you hate I'm pointing at you Isabel from Shiver. Sometimes you have two sidekicks because your book is just so awesome like Katya from Graceling, she had Po for a big chunk of the book, but then he got promoted and it turned into Bitterblue. Also the two greatest sidekicks of all time Ron and Hermione, where would Harry be without them I ask? I'm going to do something unimaginable I'm going to build my very own sidekick, I'm going to take the best parts from the greatest sidekicks, and then mix them all up, and BOOM! Sidekick 1.0

I think every sidekick should be equipped with Rose Hathoway's toughness, now you can't tell me her kick butt skills would not come in handy, yes very important quality when looking for a sidekick. Alright on to my second skill snarky-ness (it counts as a word) that is where Isabel from Shiver & Linger comes into play. I love her attitude, I would want my sidekick to be that hilarious and honest.Then Hermione's intelligence always useful when needing to solve a riddle or crisis, not to mention her bravery. Then you can't have Hermione without Mr. Ron Weasley his character and bravery are totally necessary when building the perfect anything.  Now onto Bitterblue from Graceling, if you need to keep spirits up in a tough situation she is the girl for you, and keeping spirits up a handy skill to have in a sidekick. Now speaking of Bitterbule that reminds me of Rue from The Hunger Games, a well rounded sidekick. She is who you'd want with you if you get yourself into a pinch. She has a wide variety of knowledge, and a lot of common sense. I'd want her common sense and heart in my sidekick. Simon from The Mortal Instruments, his devotion is key he is totally devoted to Clary, and it shows. He is a good friend, and a sensible person. I put his devotion in my sidekick for sure.Now these people aren't from books, but you can't talk about sidekicks without mentioning The Scooby Gang from BTVS, Xander and Willow to be exact, I can't think of two better sidekicks, you look up the word sidekick in the dictionary its them people! I'd want Willow's insane magic skills, and Xander's ability to see everything, and know everyone inside and out, he's the heart of the Scoobies. Po from Graceling, um his fighting for starters, and his understanding way that would be ideal. I can't mention Po without mentioning Brigan and then I can't mention Brigan without mentioning Archer, Brigan and Archer from Fire that is. I consider them both to be sidekicks. Brigan I'd put his army commander skills to use to run a tight ship, and to keep me inline. Then Archer well I'd want my sidekick to have his archery skills, and his attention to detail. Then Stefan from The Mercy Thompson series, I consider him a sidekick. He is insanely useful, I'd put his vampire skills in my sidekick if nothing else, living forever wouldn't hurt.

What would you guys want in a sidekick??

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