Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vampire Academy (3)

Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, #3)

Author-Richelle Mead duh!

Description courtesy of Goodreads
Is Rose's fate to kill the person she loves most? It's springtime at St. Vladimir's Academy, and Rose Hathaway is this close to graduation. Since Mason's death, Rose hasn't been feeling quite right. She has dark flashbacks in the middle of practice, can't concentrate in class, and has terrifying dreams about Lissa. But Rose has an even bigger secret .... She's in love with Dimitri. And this time, it-s way more than a crush. Then Strigoi target the academy in the deadliest attack in Moroi history, and Dimitri is taken. Rose must protect Lissa at all costs, but keeping her best friend safe could mean losing Dimitri forever...
ok so I love this book but it gets a 3 out of 5 and here is why.............

I liked the idea of this story but I keep getting mad at Lissa. I understand she is sweet and nice and its Rose's job to protect her, but seriously why must EVERYONE worry about Lissa. Adrian worries about Lissa Christian worries about Lissa Rose worries about Lissa. Now that Mason is dead not that many people worry about Rose they love her its just they think she will be fine..of course Lissa does to an extent, but she is concentrating on learning Spirit now with Adrian and making out with Christian. When Rose spends her free time making up for all the time she lost training with Dimitri who she can't be with because of Lissa however to be fair Lissa has no idea Rose loves him. Anyway so now Rose has to go all psycho cause Lissa wants to be magical I seriously am not seeing the fairness. So I was not all that angry when Rose got assigned Christian instead. I'm still partial toward Adrian and think Dimitri should just be Rose's friend. I don't think its a healthy relationship. Dimitri is to intoxicating and she can't really think all to clearly with him around. She gives all of herself to everyone else pretty much and I think Adrian would be able to balance her out more and take care of her. That is totally just my opinion. I don't know maybe I like to root for the underdog. I also want more Mia and her kickassness. I absolutely loved the killer fight scenes with Rose and Christian that is how it should always be the Moroi should be using the fierce elemental powers they have. I also think Dimitri is not exactly that tough Rose can kick his ass Christian can set him on fire and then Mia can drown him. He isn't a bad guy though I don't want to give the wrong impression. Dimitri is cool enough I was really upset when he got his face gnawed off by the Strigoi I still want him and Rose to be like friends or something. I know however that its probably wishful thinking. I just have to hold out hope for Adrian. Maybe Dimitri can get like his own little Harley Quinn sidekick now that he is going to be evil. I feel so bad for Adrian and Lissa being left behind I would be so mad having to miss the adventure. I suppose Christian and Mia should have gotten to go as well. I loved reading this story and its a good thing I'm so passionate about the characters to get mad. I get mad at Bill Compton all the time.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the last two sentences of this post. So true.

Caitlin said...

It is, and he was barely mentioned in the excerpt of the new book I'm praying that is a good sign.