Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sons of Anarchy ***Spoilers

I must say I loved the finale how shocking I know. I was sad that Edie the Irish boy got shot by Stahl, and VERY disappointed in Gemma. Her big claim she is to be a fierce mother well its not really a wise to choice to go after Polly when SAMCRO is clearly handling the situation. Especially going after her with her Grandson and his basic mother in the car not safe. She put the lives of Tara Abel and Half Sack in danger just to chase after Polly. Then goes inside shoots Polly and gets caught up in a huge mess with Agent Stahl. Gemma should have just left well enough alone, since she didn't shoot Westin when she had the chance she should have just let it be. Now Half Sack is dead and Abel was almost killed and kidnapped all because of Gemma. Tara tried to reason with her, but Gemma was to stubborn, there was no reason to go after Polly. She ruined all the hard work everyone did keeping them safe. She might as well walked around freely if she was just going to get Abel kidnapped and herself in a shit storm of trouble. She is going to be one fierce mother while on the lamb she will be of no use to anyone. So not only did she drag a motorcycle club into Charming, and make her son Jax believe a life of crime, and living of the grid was safe, and ok. I'm not saying its bad or anything I really think the should stop running guns, and just be legit, I'm just saying. Gemma provided a horrible role model for his son in Clay, I mean John Teller seems to have been a better one from the book he wrote. I'm just hating on Gemma because of how the last fifteen minutes played out of the finale.

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