Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Social Change Challenge

In a society so dependent on the media in social networking are we all getting lost in the technology? What if you believe that social networking is a catalyst for isolation, or maybe you believe it brings us closer as as a nation. What if I told you that you could write us an essay, and let us no about it. I don't mean write me a book I mean a short to the point essay. Not much for essay writing perhaps then do what us book bloggers do best, review. This challenge ends December 15th so you have lots of time to decide. The books you review must be contemporary YA, and from the provided list. The list will grow in time because the challenge is just getting started. Remember like I said, no rush you have until December 15th to submit your essay or review. You can't do both you can only do one or the other. The essays and reviews will be judged, and the reviews can be negative or positive as long as their heartfelt and honest. The participating authors are not judging the reviews, myself and my friend Jessica are. Please feel free to be honest and creative, its a friendly challenge.

Essay Question

"Is social networking keeping the world from making tangible connections, or is it breaking down social barriers?"

Rules Essay

  1. Must submit your essay or review via e-mail to socialchange.challenge(at)
  2. Essay must answer the designated question
  3. 1000 word maximum on the essay, can be less but not more
  4. Must follow my blog & The Social Change website
  5. Must be in E-mail format (no Word or Google documents)
  6. Attach your mailing address 
Rules Book Review
  1. Must be from the chosen list of Contemporary YA authors
  2. Must be 200 words no more no less in E-mail format (no Word or Google doc.)
  3. Must have your own summary not a summary from Goodreads or back of book
  4. Must follow my blog & The Social change webiste
  5. Must submit the review via e-mail to socialchange.challenge(at)
  6. Attach your mailing address 
Prizes are shipped within the US, however if you have someone who can ship it to you from the US feel free to enter but with their address 

Participating Contemporary YA Authors
  • Daisy Whitney
  • Kody Keplinger
  • Courtney Summers
  • Carolyn Lynch Williams

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