Friday, December 11, 2009

Coming Soon

Well I tried my best and just couldn't get into The House of Night. I don't really know why but I will try again later maybe I just wasn't in the mood or something. I feel kind of bad about it because everyone seems to like them so much.

I'm going to read and review these books before the 18th when I will be reading the holiday challenge books.

Coming Soon

Stray (Shifters, #1)


Melissa (My World) said...

I have heard from a few people on the City of Ashes. It sounds like a good book and series. I am curious to see what you think of Stray. I think this looks good, but haven't bought it yet or read it yet. I currently have Graceling on my shelf to read along with Fire. I am looking forward to getting to these books next year, so I am looking forward to your review to see what you think.

Looks like a great list you have here to work on.

Caitlin said...

I am on Graceling now I haven't really started it as of yet I have read like the first sentence, but hope its good. I have seen some reviews on it.