Tuesday, December 8, 2009

City of Bones

City of Bones 
Author:Cassandra Clare
Pages:485 including epilogue 

Rated a 5 on a 1-5 scale. 

I had heard mixed reviews about Cassandra Clare's City of Bones in fact some people just drug it through the trenches. I was a little bit apprehensive about starting the series. In the end I was pleasantly surprised. I like the opening scene at Pandemonium, and how I'm not quite sure what is going on who the main characters are yet. The book jumps right in with Jace's witty banter, his laid back not a care in the world attitude. When in reality the boy might be a little high strung, and he isn't all together he is actually broken like the rest of us. The two main characters Clary and Jace connect in a way they don't understand. They meet by chance, but Jace feels Clary is different because she can see him and his friends Isabelle and Alec. Clary learns a lot about the world she is living in the fact all the monsters are REAL. She excepts it with stride, and then realizes all of the monsters are closer to home than she thinks. She learns Jace and his pals are Shadowhunters (demon killers) . Then she finds out they aren't the only Shadowhunters in her life. She embraces the new crazy life she has found for herself. She reaches out to Luke her stand in Dad, but he is distant and a little mean throwing Clary off a bit. Her mother Jocelyn winds up missing and its a mystery everyone connects with. Clary wants Luke's help, but ends up relying on Jace to find her mom and solve the mystery. Then her trusty friend Simon gets thrown into the mix, the young kids and the Shadowhunters set off on a whirlwind adventure with scarred secret brother societies, werewolves, vampires, and crazy runes burned into your flesh. The story develops well, and in the end I have no idea who I want to root for. I mean I like the quirky indie best friend, but then again maybe the best friend isn't always the boyfriend. I got to thinking about it, and the cards are sometimes stacked against the hunky love interest, and everyone wants the sidekick best buddy to get the door. I mean you open it up and there stands the man for you, and usually people expect it to be the friend.  The girl realizes the hunky love interest is shallow, and not good for her.  Maybe not maybe he is just what she needs in her life. Anyway, so I get that train of thought going, and BAM Cassandra Clare hits one right out of left field. Your mind is blown your confused your feel a little icky about yourself. Check the cover to make sure your not actually reading a VC Andrews, and just keep reading because you can't put it the book down..take a deep breath. The ending bittersweet maybe depends on your point of view. For me it was just what I needed, just the thing to keep me reading the series. 

Clary is your typical young girl she doesn't think she is pretty but of course everyone around her does. She has distorted self image, and needs a good dose of finding her inner warrior woman. Well her crazy demon filled life is tossed at her forcing her to man-up if you will. She has to find a strength she never knew she had. She starts out with a distant family where she feels out of place. She can't relate to her mother, and feels like a guest in her own life. Then she meets some fierce Shadowhunters, and they teach her a few things. She starts to blossom into a force to be reckoned with. 

Jace at first is your typical hero. He is hunky blond and oh so sure of himself.  He feels to love is to show weakness and to care is to admit you need other people to survive. He has a big heart under all his I am independent exterior. He does as he pleases, but in the end needs the Clave and his Shadowhunters to accept him. When everyone is against him, or maybe thinks he is wrong he starts to crack a little. He is one tough cookie, but still unbearably human. He is honestly a little naive when it comes to the human world. Also when it comes to feelings, and other people. He grows up secluded, and even though he ventures into the human world he doesn't quite grasp some stuff. His childhood was also secluded, and he grew up a little warped. He is a complex individual who I look forward to learning more about

Your normal everyday dorky sidekick. Clary's best friend for years. Of course he harbors a deep unrequited love for her everyone see's but Clary. Jace is around them for all of five minutes and its blatantly obvious to him. He is a little awkward, and then sidetracked by Isabel Jace's Shadowhunter pal. He is into music, and all things nerdy. He isn't a bad guy, just dorky. Not that anything is wrong with that at all. He can be brave when backed into a corner, and just the guy you want around to save your ass in a demon attack. He takes to the new monster filled word with great enthusiasm. 

Shadowhunter goddess, she is fierce with a whip and dresses like a runway model. Can't cook to save her life, but embraces life in a determined way. She has a tough shell like most Shadowhunters. Not huge on emotion but more so than Jace. She cares deeply about her brother Alec, and understands when things are her fault. She loves her family, and loves being a Shadowhunter. She comes off as a bitch sometimes, but helps Clary when it matters most. She is used to being the only girl in a world made for boys .She has a lot to learn, but I'm pretty sure she will get the hang of things. 

Struggling little guy, can't seem to find himself. Can't seem to slay a demon, he is to worried about the fearless Isabel and Jace.  He is a problem solver, and extremely protective. Also not afraid to hit a girl if she deserves it. Watch what you say around him. Also he is filled full of secrets, and just a tad bit scary if you think about it long enough. He is someone you have to warm up to, and he has to warm up to you. I think he will be worth the wait in the long run. 


Kris said...

wanted to say that I love this series! Saw you post on book blogs and thought I'd come check you out!


Caitlin said...

Oh my gosh I love all things Cajun, and am infatuated with it for some reason haha I'm weird, but I am on the 2nd book and I like her writing.

GMR said...

I've heard that this series is really good as well....alas, I own the first book but have yet had a chance to read it. I definitely can't wait to though as all the reviews keep feeding my anticipation for it...thanks for sharing! Good luck on book 2 in the series should you decide to continue with it!

Caitlin said...

-GMR its so good you should check it out. I just reached part two in the 2nd book