Monday, December 7, 2009

20 Reasons Why

So I was browsing my blog, I'm kind of bored today for some reason I have a million things to do but I'm to addicted to my laptop so I just gave up, anyway totally sidetracking hear. I noticed I haven't ever done a new 20 Reasons Why my last one was about 500 Days of Summer.

So I am doing another one and its going to be about one of my all time favorite authors JR Ward.

Why you should check JR Ward out.

20. She is hilarous the banter between her characters is laugh out loud funny.

19. She takes you there honestly you feel like you are walking around Caldwell New York with her characters from the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

18. She puts a new spin on Vampires its a pleasant change.

17. Her characters are friendly I mean they are bad ass friendly they would totally save you

16. She is uber descriptive I could identify her characters in prison lineup for sure.

15.The females they are just as lovable as the male main characters.

14.The Scribe Virgin in the BDB series she is so fierce but you root for her and understand her reasonings

13.Covet the 1st in the Fallen Angels series you have to know if good will prevail ..great first book

12.Zsadist he is enough of a pull for me read the BDB series just for him if you want he is scarred and kind of scary but deep deep deep down the boy is adorable.

11.Marissa a member of the Glymera (Vampire high society) sharp spunky and will tell off any warrior and sometimes slap them in the face.

10.You keep coming back for more read Dark Lover the first Brotherhood series you won't put it down you have to know whats next

9. Pop culture reference even though the vampires are kind of out of the loop you get the occasional funny reference

8.Rhage (yes Jessica for you) he is so sweet like a little puppy warrior he will melt your heart

7. The fact JR Ward can see her characters yes she can see her books in her head like a movie..movies everyone should go see.

6. The tie-ins JR Ward ties the Brotherhood world in with the Fallen Angels World so whenever a little side character is mentioned be prepared they could be major players.

5. Dog, Jim's dog in Covet he is a funny little pet.

4. JR Ward's interviews check them out sometime even the ones she does with the brothers yes she interviews the fictional characters..they are real to her.

3. The Villains hey every good story needs a villain

2. Lassiter trust me he is funny.

1. Her writing lets face it the woman can tell a great story.

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