Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Young Victoria

Emily Blunt is by far one of the best actresses to grace the sliver screen these days. She is talented far beyond her years. She has the stamina and stage presence of such legends as Katherine Hepburn and Diane Keaton. She takes on one tasking role by playing the young Queen Victoria Brittan's longest reigning Queen. She was know as the "Grandmother of Europe" she had nine children, and forty-nine Grandchildren. Emily Blunt captures her independent spirit perfectly. Queen Victoria, fell in love with Prince Albert of Germany, and even though it was some what arranged by her Uncle Leopold she embraced Albert anyway. He taught her to care about her people, and the less fortunate. She had always had a kind heart, and warm presence, but Albert brought out the best in her. They ruled together as equals for twenty years. Rupert Friend plays Prince Albert, and he is commendable and compliments Emily Blunts boldness well. He is reserved, and soft spoken, but acts with conviction. Paul Bettany as Lord Melbourne Queen Victoria's closest advisor has an air that makes you just not trust him even though he doesn't out right do anything to wrong. He is secretly coninving and controlling, and eventually makes her people dislike her. However, leaving damage control up to the faithful Prince Albert. The movie captures The Victorian era masterfully. Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend feel as if they stepped out of a monarchy painting. The care freeness of their love is a breath of fresh air. The movie doesn't try to be overly royal, but it doesn't over do the romance. One of the best movies I have seen in quite a long time. Emily Blunt just might be an Oscar contender if enough voters catch wind of her stellar performance.

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