Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Queen Of Dragons
Princess Maricara is first introduced as the young bride of the Zaharen Prince who sucks in the book Dream Thief and that might have to be my favorite book of the Drakon series. Queen of Dragons is good in its on right, but it just didn't compete well with the other two. I was able to better picture Mari the descrpitions were better. I pictured a dark skinned spunky Princess kind of like Jasmine from Aladin. But more adult, and Mari dresses in dark reds and golds and looks out of place in fancy French clothes. I love Kimber but then again he is no Zane and since I cheated and read Treasure Keeper the next book in the series already he is defintly no Rhys. Also Treasure Keeper is just better I think because Rue Amalia and Zoe all leave the shire, but Mari leaves Transylvania and that sticks true to the theme she leaves her comfort zone like the other heroines. I don't maybe its just me, but the book was good I just found the subplot not so great. The romance between Kimber and Maricara was excellent and bloomed pretty nicely (how stupid does that sound) its just I found the other plots just lacking IMO. Still enjoyed reading it, and the imagery was great truly felt like I have see the shire and the Zharen Castle of Ice with my own eyes. Have to say Dream Thief and Treasure Keeper are defiantly my two favorites.

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