Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Major True Blood and Sons of Anarchy Scoop..Its a great day.

Sons of Anarchy was amazing tonight loved that show, Jax going nomad Gemma getting religious. Opie and Lyla finally getting together officially. The porn business burning down. This show is so great. It has more drama in one episode than some shows entire seasons. Plus Darby might be dead how do they pack so much drama into these episodes and still have material to write. So go to this website and read what E! spoilers had to say.. http://spoilergeeks.blogspot.com/2009/11/sons-of-anarchy-spoilers.html

True Blood honestly has me intrigued right now with all the stuff they are talking about doing..a biker gang obviously I love biker gangs. Also Eric's new Czech stripper love has me interested and Sam's family..I could care less about Sookie and Bill, but the Werewolf, biker gang, and Sam's family plots all have me interested enough to keep watching.

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