Monday, October 26, 2009

Cirque Du Freak

Well as you all know I'm certifiably insane when it comes to vampires. If you choose to be my friend or even speak to me its something you have to except lol. That would be why most of my friends share that interest in some way haha. I watched The Vampire's Assistant even though it was geared more toward 12 years olds when has that ever stopped me I loved Bolt. I loved The Vampire's Assistant totally not what I expected at all it was actually kind of dark and John C. Riley was amazing not really his typical Will Ferellish movie. I don't want to give anything away really, but the basic idea is that Darren Shan and his friend Steve have destiny's and the idea is which one has the good destiny and which one has the bad, and they have to be on opposite sides. Plus they meet some pretty interesting "freaks" along the way. With all the vampire stuff I have watched and read this would have to honestly be the most original. Obviously now I have to read the series. It actually is written by an Irish guy named Darren Shan, and the first book is called Cirque Du Freak and the 2nd book is The Vampire's Assistant they combined the first two books to make the movie. I'm gonna go ahead and skip those two because I get the main idea from the movie. I'm jumping right into the third Tunnels of Blood.

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