Thursday, October 15, 2009

24 People

Entertainment Weekly did a segment called 24 Characters Who Turn You Off or something like that, and I liked it but I want to pick my own!

24. Tara on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I just didn't like her face she seemed to never change her expression. Plus her voice was so soft.
23.Vanessa on Gossip Girl I hate her so much she whispers and you can't hear her I don't even watch that show anymore.
22.John Gosselin that speaks for itself.
21.John Black on Days of Our Lives I hate his acting its horrible, and his eyebrows
20.Mary Camden on 7th Heaven I never understood why she was so important the parents always favored her and she could do no wrong and they worried about upsetting her all the time and she screwed up the most.
19.Paige on Charmed I just hated the outfits she wore, and her hair color changing all the time.
18.Lana Lang On Smallville I was always hoping she would just die already. Everything about her annoyed me.
17.Foreman on House I have always hated him ever since Season One he is just annoying and I hate his suits.
16.Janet Gavin From Rescue Me Tommy Gavin's wife I hate her for one for sleeping with Tommy's brother, and taking his kids away just want to slap her.
15.Sam on Supernatural I would have so killed him by now if I were Dean he started the Apocalypse
14.Logan on Gilmore Girls he annoyed the crap out of me
13.Anya on Buffy The Vampire Slayer she was just stupid and the dumbest addition to the show ever.
12. Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill she is not even pretty at all, and I like the show better without her on it.
11.Marrissa Cooper from The OC Ryan could do so much better she was a freaking basket case
10.Horatio on CSI Miami I hate that guys sunglasses and just his acting everything about him
9.Joey from Dawson's Creek so whiny she always frowned everyone on that show was depressed but she constantly frowned, plus she put Pacey and Dawson thru hell
8.Izzy from Greys Anatomy I hate her all her lines her story her hair everything
7.Sara Sidle from CSI she just gets under my skin no idea why I hate her
6.Terry Will Shoosters wife on Glee I hate that woman so much
5.Chloe from Smallville she is to melodramatic and really selfish
4.Ross Geller off Friends he is just annoying
3.Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl they could have kept her gone it would have been better
2.Dr. Abby Lockheart on ER she always made such horrible relationship decisions and she got the hottest guys!
1.Bill Comptom he sucks worst actor ever can't stand him at all everyone knows this.

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