Friday, September 25, 2009


I had class today I took a history test well it was a little harder than I anticipated. I now know how I should study and what to expect. I also had to choose a topic for my Lit. research paper. I had to pick Christoper Marlowe. I have a vague idea who he is, I know he was like Shakespeare, and that he is mentioned in the Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance, but he is a vampire haha doubt that will help with my paper. I watched Vampire Diaries, and I pretty much adore Stefan and Damon. I find myself leaning more toward Damon though, and I really liked Supernatural, I didn't get to watch Its Always Sunny yet but I will when I later I recorded it. I am still kind of freaking out about the wolves being taken of the Endangered Species list, I even calculated how I could send them money, but haven't done it. I really want to make my Christmas list already, even though its September. I found a bunch of Goats Milk soap base I want to order off Ebay and a really nice wooden mold/cutter. I just can't make myself order it so my only hope is to ask for it as a gift how lame of me.

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