Monday, September 28, 2009

House/One Tree Hill

Liked this episode but only because of the ending. I was annoyed with Foreman for the first half. I don't like him to much anyway. I want to see more Cuddy and Wilson and less stupid Thirteen and Foreman. I liked House cooking I thought that was pretty cute, and like I said I am totally over Thirteen. The next episode looks like it should be more promising.

One Tree Hill
Loved OTH this time I am really liking Clay I think he is hot, and I like Quinn a lot to. I am actually starting to like Alex the drunken movie star a little bit. I am intrigued by the Dan and Rachel storyline not to sure exactly what to make of it yet. I kind of like the fact that Haley and Nathan are not paying that skank off, but am a little worried about how it will effect little Jamie.


Shimada said...

I liked OTH this week to but I am really worried about the whole Nathan/Haley storyline. Haven't they been through enough? If it turns out that baby is his...they will be ruined for sure and that breaks my heart. The whole Rachel/Dan thing is really weird. It's kind of like they are using each other for something or other. I'm so glad Mouth played a bigger role in tonights show and that he didn't rat his old high school buddy out. I think that Jamie is a smart little boy and he will understand to a point. I hate how the previews are wayyy vague. haha, well okay enough of me ranting. Your the only person I can talk OTH with though =)

Caitlin said...

I know I am so worried about Nathan and Haley I am not even a huge fan of the storyline but am glad they are not caving, I think your right Jamie will understand he is so wise beyond his years. I knew you would love Mouth doing that that is the first thing I thought of when he told that guy they had no story. I know its a little freak they way Dan and Rachel are, but she seemed to want to help him stop drinking and live a better life but on the other she is using him. I am still not entirely sure if she is good or evil she is confusing.