Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh man

I am beyond tired today I am running on 4 hours of sleep, and I am about ready to call it a night. I am most defiantly sleeping in tomorrow, and I get to sleep in my very own bed to night no night shift for me. I am going to do a lot of nothing tomorrow...oh who am I kidding I am probably going to clean since its unavoidable. I do plan on reading the Charlaine Harris short story "Dancers in The Dark" I might even start it tonight. Its about Sean and Layla the dancing couple Sookie meets at the Vampire Summit. I really enjoy the short stories just as much as the books..I LOVED Dracula Night it was hilarious. I now have 3 days off I am off Sunday Monday and Tuesday I am pretty happy about that. I was pumped to just have 2 lol.

I really think we should give props to the AMAZING writers on True Blood my favorite well except for the creator Alan Ball is Raelle Tucker..she wrote "Cold Ground" the episode where Sookie and Bill first have sex, and the latest one "Release Me" among others.. she is so talented and I always like the episodes she writes. She also wrote for another favorite show of mine Supernatural. Check out this interview they did on The Vault with Raelle..Click Here

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