Friday, August 7, 2009

A few things on my mind

Ok so I couple of things have been on my mind lately. One I totally am over Jon and Kate Plus 8 it really did use to be of my favorite shows , but the media and Kate have totally ruined it for me I feel really sorry for the children but I'm over the show both parents make me really sick.
Number two who grabbed Barry in the hallway at Hotel Carmella on last weeks episode of True Blood... from reading the books I want to say Stan, but they show Eric listening to Barry but he takes off does he grab Barry, or is it Lorena who grabs him I am totally going to have to watch the clip over again. Number 3 I am so very excited for Queen Sophie-Anne to show up on True Blood I guess Bill is going to seek her out for advice, and they cast cousin Hadley for like 3 episodes. 4 would be the fact that I am off Sunday and Monday I am so happy to not have to work those days I am maybe not even leaving my house. 5 being I hate Perez Hilton now he is like the worst person ever I am so mad..he suggested Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) might be gay I really am ok with him being gay it doesn't shatter any image for me, but still he would totally tell his fans if he were gay European people are much more tolerant of gay people. Why hide that. 6 I am happy that my birthday is coming up I am forcing my parents to eat at Perkins with me I know not the best restaurant but I love it, and they have to take me to the Highlands to shop and when I say shop I hate to shop in so I am basically going to spend two hours picking out books to read at the book store. 7 the weather is it just me or have we had really strange weather this summer I mean its like foggy all the time, and it hasn't been overly hot, I love that but its still strange..I personally love fall winter and spring so I hate summer =) ... 8 my long shift feels like its never ending. 9 I have the w2s I need to get my 597 dollars back from the college that will be so nice to have I am actually thinking about buying a new cell phone with that money. 10 the next two days must get here soon I am so exited for Sunday for many reasons but karma might get me and screw up my Sunday in some way I pray not..please karma.

The man I want to play Alcide since True Blood got picked up for a 3rd season (Club Dead..the book)

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